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We the ATA are partners with the Siskiyou Upland Trail Association (SUTA)

The Oregon Signature Trail is being developed by two different nonprofit trail organizations, who each have a different geographic responsibility.  SUTA is developing the Jack-Ash trail, the southeastern portion of the Signature Trail, between Jacksonville and Ashland.  The ATA is developing the Applegate Ridge Trail, the northwestern portion of the Signature Trail from Jacksonville to Grant Pass.  

While the organizations developed differently, they've been brought together as collaborating partners to develop and maintain this Oregon Signature Trail. 

Mark Hamlin, Chair of the ATA (left) and Joy Rogalla, President of SUTA (right) confer at the Siskiyou Crest Festival, July 2023.  

We Build Trails on Public Lands
    and therefore Partner with Federal agencies.

The days of the CCC building trails, and federal budgets that support trail building and trail maintenance, are long gone.  For trail-building and trail-maintenance the federal agencies now rely on grass roots, community based, organizations like the ATA and SUTA.  And, for us the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are essential partners.  They are the land managers of these public lands of many uses.  

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