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The Applegate Trails Association aims to be a sustainable community institution. In order to do that, now and for generations to come, we rely on gathering community support.


Four ways that you can show your support:

1. Join Our Mailing List

2. Donate

3. Volunteer

4. Join the Board of Directors

1. Join our Mailing List:

We’ll add you to our email list for occasional newsletters so you can stay informed of progress, events, challenges and trail news.   Moreover, when we need to demonstrate our broad community support, we’ll reach out.  



2. Donate:  

We are an all-volunteer organization.  The ATA relies on small donations to keep our operations going, to support planning, growth, trails-advocacy, and ultimately to purchase some requisite private lands.  Every little bit helps.   


The ATA is a registered 501 ( C ) 3 non-profit organization.  That means your donation is an eligible charitable tax deduction.


DONATE ON-LINE with Pay Pal: 


Mail a Check:  ATA, PO Box 105 Jacksonville, OR  97530

Amazon Smile:  Click on the link, then Get Started , Search “Applegate Trails Association”, then select us as your favorite charitable organization.   Amazon with then contribute 0.5% of all your purchases to the Applegate Trails Association.   Please be aware that you need to shop at for this tracking to occur. 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

3. Volunteer:

You don’t have to be a Board member to contribute; case in point, in 2021 two volunteers produced the Trail Vision map, applying their skills and doing what they love. We may not need your personal help today because we are not ready for it.  Nevertheless, we want to build a database of people, their skills and interests, to call upon when the time comes.  What follows is some of our needs,  current and future. 

Professional Services:  Help with Marketing-Communications-Public Relations, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Bookeeping, Social Media, Volunteer Coordinator.


Trail Crew:  We plan to develop a Trail Crew capability but do not have that capability now.   If you’re interested in being part of the Trail Crew, we’d like to keep your contact information and interest on file.  Prerequisite to having a Trail Crew function,  is recruiting a Board member (see below) to lead, organize and oversee this function.   It will happen, the only question is when? 


4. Apply to Become a Board Member

The ATA is a working Board, meaning Board members are expected to take on and lead projects and/or functions.   We have a Board meeting every month; ⅔ on Zoom and ⅓ in person.   The following Board positions are vacant. 


  • Trail-Crew Coordinator

  • Co-Chair

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Special Projects



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