We build and maintain non-motorized public trails in the Applegate Valley, including the Applegate Ridge Trail. 

The Applegate Trails Association (ATA) is a non-profit Oregon group formed by community residents to develop a system of hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails in the mountains and meadows of the Applegate and Rogue valleys. We cooperate with public land agencies, community organizations, and private landowners to preserve and connect historic trails for the broader community and generations to come.  ATA is funded by chairitable donations and an all volunteer staff.  

Our aim is to conserve our valley's valuable resources, the land, the views, and the biodiversity,

for the non-motorized enjoyment of people of all ages and ability.

Board of Directors

Mark Hamlin, Chairman:​​​​ Mark has been an avid hiker and backpacker all his life.  And, feels like he landed in heaven, that is the Applegate Valley. He and his wife moved here to retire in 2019.  In the process they converted an Applegate pole barn into their home.  Coming here after 32 years in the Sierra Nevada foothills, and another barn conversion, they are pleased to be barned again in the Applgate.  Mark had the pleasure of meeting David Callahan, the prior Chairman and leader of the ATA for many years, before he passed away.   During their first meeting, David told Mark that the organization needed a Chairman to carry on the work.   


Mark agreed to take on the job.  He aims to provide the requisite leadership.  The dream is to see the BLM appove and build the Applegate Ridge Trail (ART), from Jacksonville to Grants Pass.  The BLM will only take it on with a private sector partner, like the Applegate Trails Association.  Our job is to promote, build and maintain the trails.  Won't you join us?

Geoff Weaver, Director: Geoff lives offgrid on 170 acres in the Applegate and is a hiker and mountain biker. He is part of the Oregon State University Land Steward Workshop program and an expert on off grid systems and building to the high-efficency Passive House Standard that helps people live year-round using minimal energy.

Norm Young, Director:  Norm has  lived in the Applegate Valley since 1987 after coming here from the Bay Area.  He has run Applegate Broadband since he started it in the year 2000.  He doesn't just think that it's paradise here--he knows it!  Norm takes full advantage of all the recreational opportunities here: which include hiking, mountain biking (now e-biking), paragliding, white water rafting, surfing over on our incredible coast, and occasionally kiteboarding.   Norm lives on a little slice of paradise in the upper reaches of the Applegate, where he is an avid gardener.  Norm wants to see everybody else enjoy this paradise as well; which is why we need a 90 mile trail from Ashland to Grants Pass!

CONTACT US AT:  Info@ApplegateTrails.org