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OUR MISSION:  We connect communities with trails. We work with Federal, State and Local agencies as well as private landowners, to build and maintain non-motorized public trails in the Applegate Valley, including the Applegate Ridge Trail. 


Interactive Map (+/- at map corner to zoom, left click & drag to pan)

OUR VISION: We are excited to share this new Vision Map for a long-distance non-motorized trail, stretching from Grants Pass all the way to PCT near the California border.
Trending along the ridges dividing the Applegate and Rogue watersheds,  views along this northeastern spine of the Siskiyou Mountains are numerous and often spectacular.  The Applegate Valley falls away to one side and the Rogue Valley to the other, in places over 3000 vertical feet.  The Vision combines several trails some existing, one under construction, and some proposed.  

Two local trail organizations, the Applegate Trails Association (ATA) and the Siskiyou Uplands Trail Association (SUTA) have worked steadily on this project for over a decade.  ATA works the geography between Jacksonville and Grants Pass while SUTA works between Jacksonville and Ashland.   The section from Ashland to the PCT already exists on USFS trails.  Zoom into the map (+/-) and pan (click and drag) to explore the details.

Much of the distance from Ashland to Grants Pass is not yet approved, but we want the public to know what is hopefully coming. This map is a big step in serving our mission: we connect communities with trails.

Walking the Wild Applegate

Blazing the 80-mile Trail From Ashland to Grants Pass, Oregon

This remarkable film follows the trailblazing effort, by conservationist and author Luke Ruediger, and prior  ATA Board Member Josh Weber, as they hike and bushwack existing and new trail connections between Ashland and Grants Pass, Oregon. Watch awe-inspiring wilderness and natural habitat that is, amazingly, within a dozen miles of the most populated region in southern Oregon. 


Josh and Luke discuss the biological, historical and cultural importance of the rare and exquisitely beautiful Klamath Siskiyou mountains surrounding the Rogue, Applegate and Illinois valleys.


Narrations by David Calahan, prior Chairman of the Applegate Trails Association, along with Luke and volunteer supporters.


Produced by the Applegate Trails Association

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